2019 Grants


To check out a list of the grants we've awarded in our past 3 years of operation, click below to download the Excel File.

2018 Staff Grants 


Wisconsin Statewide Mathematics Initiative - $1,250 

Jeni Carey - BDES 

Attendance at the Wisconsin Math Council Conference for 3 teachers 


DECA Memberships and Competition - $1,000 

Brenda Arnett - BDMHS 

DECA membership fees of $420, and competition fees of $605. Removes barriers to entry for 30 students who may not be able to afford the fees so all can be exposed to careers in business, marketing and hospitality. 


Alaska Science Trip - $800 

Charlene Harmon - BDMHS 

Funding for part of applicant's cost of being a chaperone for a trip with 7 students to Alaska in June 2018. The trip will also be the springboard to starting a Conservation Club at BDMHS. 


DECA Jackets - $500 

Dana Rozman - BDMHS 

6 blazers at $80/each. There are 30 active participants in DECA, and not all can afford the DECA blazer. Students without a blazer are at a disadvantage at State and National competitions. 


History Mini Library - 1,000 

Erica Probst, Tiffany Le – BDMHS 

Young adult reading materials with historical fiction and non-fiction themes, to articulate themes of history, government, society, culture, world affairs and politics and to engage students beyond the classroom. 


Paper Roller Coaster Project - $1,500 

Holly Muelenbauer, Adam Bold – BDMHS 

Students plan, design, create and test roller coasters at the end of the year. This is followed up by a field trip to Great America to experience the speed, velocity and the laws of physics firsthand. 


German Classes Field Trip - $1,170 

Linda Smith – BDMHS 

Bus to Chicago Christkindlmarket and Museum of Science and Industry is $600. Help 3 students' entrance fees for students who need help is $45. Bus to German Day at UW-Madison is $400. Costumes for German skit players is $125. Up to 25 students may attend both events. 


Ed Leader 21 Annual Event - $1,250 

Mary Pomplum – BDMHS 

Learn more about project-based learning by attendance at the Ed Leader 21 conference in Phoenix, AZ in September, 2018 


Ed Leader 21 Annual Event - $1,250 

Nancy Taylor – BDMHS 

Learn more about project-based learning by attendance at the Ed Leader 21 conference in Phoenix, AZ in September, 2019 


Comfy Spaces and Lighting - $625 

Tim Gonring, Liz Gorski – BDMHS 

This request expands on the flexible seating arragements already in place, including that funded by EFBD. 


NSTA National Conference 2018 - $1,250 

Todd Karsten – BDMHS 

Attendance at the National Science Teachers Association Conference, March 15-19, 2018. Past attendance has yielded classroom materials valued in excess of conference cost. 


National Character Education Conference - $1,500 

Tosha Womack – BDMHS 

Funding for three BDMHS teachers to attend the National Character Education Conference in Washington in October 2018. This year's goal is to become a National District of Character. 


Picnic Tables - $679 

Tosha Womack, Craig Griffie – BDMHS 

Purchase of lumber and hardware for 6 picnic tables by the Construction 1 class, using the United Brotherhood of Carpenters Career Connections curriculum. Tables to be used on campus in outdoor instructional area.