To check out a list of the grants we've awarded in our past 3 years of operation, click below!


2017 staff Grants


Picnic Benches- $669.00

Brown Deer /High School

Craig Griffie

Construction 1 Class project to build picnic tables for BDMS and BDHS 

National Science Teacher Association Conference- $1,500.00

Brown Deer High School

Todd Karsten

Attendance at the National Science Teacher Association Conference

German Classes Field Trip- $525.00

Brown Deer High School

Linda Smith

German classes field trip to Chicago Christkindlmarket and Museum of Science and Industry

Slam Poetry Professional Development - $500.00

Brown Deer Middle/High School

Stephanie Snyder

Attendance at the "HipHop in the Heartland" institue in Madison. 

Slam Poetry Team - $1,000.00

Brown Deer Middle/High School

Stephanie Snyder

Registration fee for Brown Deer's participation in the slam poetry league as well as transportation to other schools for the competition. 

Discovery World Field Trip- $1,500.00

Brown Deer Elementary

Felicia Mayfield

4th grade field trip to Discovery World to participate in interactive energy lab and science show on electricity.

Recording Booth Supplies - $480.06

Brown Deer Elementary

Rykan Kallie

Construct 5 soundproof recording studios. Enhance quality of student work during classroom activities that require student's voices to be recorded. Support multimodal learning and teaching.

Mathalicious- $640.00

Brown Deer Middle School

Tim Gonring, Elizabeth Gorski

Mathalicious includes lesson plans that involve videos and other interactive tools to help students see how the math we’re doing works in real life.

Comfy Reading- $500

Brown Deer Middle School

Nancy Taylor

Purchase of bean bags and over stuffed pillows for independent reading time in 2 class rooms.

Socio Emotional Learning-$1,000.00

District Wide Grant

Dr Kerr, Dr Kelsy-Brown, Charlie Wiza

Purchase of online student assessments as well as supporting access to lessons, webinars and online support related to Socio-Emotional learning.  

Mini Photography Studios $1,307.00

Brown Deer High School

Michael Pinney

Purchase equipment for 5 portable studios for the Digital Photography class.The mini studios will give students the opportunity to better explore lighting and compositional techniques.


Total Amount Awarded - $10,121.06